Replacement PF-2 Fluoride Berkey Filters (2 items)


Fluoride Reducing Berkey Filters - Berkey PF-2

Genuine Berkey Replacement Filters for all stainless steel Berkey Water Filters using BB9 Black Filters.

Berkey Filters PF2 fluoride filters designed for use in conjunction with Black Berkey water purification elements to adsorb Fluoride, Arsenic V and pre oxidized Arsenic III. Adsorption is the process in which atoms, ions or molecules from a substance (it could be gas, liquid or dissolved solid) adhere to a surface of the adsorbent (the PF-2 filter).

Sold in a set of 2 Berkey Filters
Fluoride Reducing PF-2 Berkey Filters are made from safe, non-leaching BPA-free Polypropolene #5

PF-2 Fluoride Filters are designed to be used in conjunction with the Black Berkey Filter Elements only

Attach to the bottom of the Black Berkey Filter Elements and sit in the lower chamber of the Berkey Water Filter assembly

Number of PF-2 Filters in the bottom chamber must match the number of Black Berkey Filter Elements in the top chamber; for example, 4 Black Berkey Filter elements would require 4 PF-2 Berkey Filters

The PF-2 Berkey Filters should be replaced at every 500 gallons of use.

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